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    Always love the Paul Smith collaboration work.

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    Hello, recruit! And welcome to Aperture Science! We’re here for one purpose and one person alone: SCIENCE! So grab a lab coat and get in there!

    We are a very new roleplay based off of 1930-40 era of Aperture Science. (Aperture Science Innovators) This is a parapRP, so yeah. And Portal 2…

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    walkingoutoftime:washingtonnationlols:Today’s a shitty day, so here are Drew Storen and Wilson Ramos dressed as Smurfs.You’re welcome.I thank you, ma



    Today’s a shitty day, so here are Drew Storen and Wilson Ramos dressed as Smurfs.

    You’re welcome.

    I thank you, ma

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    vela:oldflorida:Florida spaces. 1950’s.(Robert E. Fisher Collection)This is incredibly similar to my abuela



    Florida spaces. 1950’s.

    (Robert E. Fisher Collection)

    This is incredibly similar to my abuela

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  8. theradiometricturnstile:dakotastew:candykizzes24:ROTFL!!!!!!!!!!!
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    themostunknownartist:Pokemon pumpkin carvings!


    Pokemon pumpkin carvings!

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